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INOVA - An investment in security!

For more than 40 years INOVA has been quality leader for perimeter security because for us, security starts at the property border.

INOVA products protect commercial and industrial areas, airports, stadiums or nuclear power plants as well as police or military facilities and penal institutions.

INOVA gate, fence, entrance and detection systems are ideal for open air areas with high security standards.

Our high-quality INOVA sliding- and rotor-gates from different series manage entries, exits and grounds access. Upon demand their crossbeams can be equipped with barbed wire or Sperrdraht thus providing a maximum of mechanical security and they aesthetically blend into any corporate design.

Under the brand INOVA PeriNet we present our self-developed solution for networking perimeter protection systems.
Sliding gates, folding gates, barriers - with an intuitive user interface, everything can be displayed centrally and controlled digitally.
Even fence detection can be integrated into the INOVA PeriNet management system.

 INOVA PeriNet detection systems monitor any perimeter security construction effectively against climbing or breaking (cutting, sawing, burning). A circulatory sensor wire can safeguard new fencing systems as well as existing ones.  

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