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Avon SSF100 Super Shallow Bollard

Avon SSF100 Super Shallow Bollard

The Avon Resilience SSF100 Bollard is an IWA14-1 impact tested super shallow foundation bollard, designed to provide blast stand-off and hostile vehicle protection for infrastructure without the need for deep foundations. The unique design allows for installing on slopes or inclines and seemlessly around curved walkways.

With a structural foundation depth of just 100 millimetre, the bollard offers the shallowest of foundations, whilst still providing a high level of protection against aggressive vehicle attack.

The bollard can be customised to blend into surrounding environments, with a variety of sleeve options, including stainless steel and ornate finishes. Ground finishes can include concrete, tarmac, block paving or crushed stone.

The installation is simple and cost effective with the minimal of distruption to the area, which enables them to be easily installed into city centres and built up environments.

Product range

Bollards - Static, Fixed, Removeable

Bollards - Static, Fixed, Removeable

Our High Security Bollards have all been PAS 68 or IWA 14-1 impact tested and are designed to provide a high level of security.

Static (passive) bollards provide a fixed or removable solution for public areas.

Automated active bollards can be used to control vehicle access.

Bollards are ideal for areas where public perceptions and aesthetics are a consideration but a high level of security is also required.  Shopping malls, stadiums, airports, sporting arenas, public spaces and city centres are sectors that would consider impact rated static and automated bollards as a security solution.

They are hostile vehicle mitigation solutions that protect roadways or perimeters from a vehicle with hostile intent whilst still enabling pedestrians free movement.

Product range

Road Blockers

Road Blockers

Road Blockers impact tested to PAS 68, IWA 14-1 & ASTM F2656 classification provide high security protection from vehicle borne hostile attack and are the ultimate deterrent to unauthorised vehicles entering a site. They are formidable visually and their robust and heavy duty structure provides a durable and reliable means of controlling vehicles into a secure area.

The range includes road blockers for varying terrains and environments, all have been tested at the highest criteria, stopping a 7500kg truck at 80kph.

Our road blockers are simple to install,  easily installed by local contractors. Internationally, we have exported many thousands of these road blockers.  They are reliable, designed for continuous operation and can be depended on to provide high security protection.

Our RB780CR & RB1000CR are traditional deep foundation road blockers, 

The RB880CR is a shallow blocker with only a 300mm depth foundation.

RB980CR is a surface blocker with no foundations and is bolted to the surface of the road way.


Avon Barrier Road Blockers

Product range

PAS 68 Sliding Gates

PAS 68 Sliding Gates

Our range of high security sliding gates includes the Avon SG1100CR Vehicle Gate 

Independently crash tested to the PAS 68 standard the sliding gate has been physically tested, at a 7m width, the gate stopped a 7500kg truck travelling at 64kph. The vehicle was unable to penetrate through the gate.structure. 

The SG1100CR is a tracked sliding gate and provides a high level of security against unauthorised vehicle & pedestrian access.

This versatile gate’s unique modular design makes it ideal for global shipping, and is available in range of gate heights, clear widths and infill types, to suit site environments & corporate image.

For hostile environments, it can be adapted to incorporate ballistic protection and as an option can have a high speed drive for quickly securing an access point.


Product range

Bollards - Auto Retractable

Bollards - Auto Retractable

Avon SB970CR Scimitar Bollard

PAS 68 impact tested bollard is an active bollard that is hydraulically operated, it stands 1000mm in its fully raised position and retracts to road level to allow authorised vehicles access.

It can be integrated with our other PAS 68 & IWA14-1 static bollards to create a cohesive protective perimeter around an area or building.

The retractable bollards are developed as a Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) product and are designed to withstand direct impact forces in excess of 1,800 KJ, this is proven in the crash testing, a single bollard stopped and disabled a 7500kg truck travelling at 80kph.  Zero penetration was achieved and the bollard continued to operate after the impact.  

View the testing PAS 68 Bollard Crash Test


Company profile

Avon Barrier - Quality Security Solutions  www.avon-barrier.com

Avon Barrier is an international designer & manufacturer of vehicle security barriers that protect infrastructure & public areas against a hostile vehicle attack or where a vehicle is used as a weapon.

Our high security static & automated bollards, vehicle gates, road blockers & barriers have been independently physically impact tested to globally recognized standards PAS68, IWA 14-1 & ASTM F2656.

We offer a comprehensive range of systems securing vehicle entry/exit security control points, public areas, city centre walk ways, open spaces & protection of perimeters.

Hostile Vehicle Mitigation can be discrete, yet affective protection incorporated into a holistic security strategy.  We have a range of shallow foundation solutions that can be used in city centres or if deep foundations are not possible, for example where utilities or underground services are present.

Avon Barrier is a UK company that has 30 years’ experience in delivering and maintaining security solutions globally to over 70 countries. We are looking to develop partnerships in Europe and welcome discussions with high security solution providers that already work in local & federal government, airports/ports, critical infrastructure, stadiums & public events, military, oil & gas or any sector that would require protection from a possible terrorist or hostile threat.