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Product range

Pedestrian products

Entrance control automation in a building or at the perimeter of a site allows high throughput
capacity while increasing security and reducing operating costs. Automatic Systems offers a wide
range of innovative, elegant and high-performance products designed for controlling pedestrian
access while combining security, speed, and user protection with very high reliability. Our
products are compatible with all access control systems.
Automatic Systems’ pedestrian portfolio includes optical turnstiles, SmartLane and SlimLane,
Swing Gates, Tripod and Full-Height Turnstiles, Security doors - ClearLock, RevLock and the
InterLock series.

Product range

Vehicle Products

Whether for toll roads, parking areas, access to bridges, tunnels, level crossings; or the closing
and entrance control of private, industrial or sensitive sites as well as traffic management,
Automatic Systems has a comprehensive range of barriers (short and medium length, security,
fenced and extra-long), rising bollards and road blockers, suitable for all sorts of applications.
The product portfolio of Automatic Systems includes the flagship product BL229 and others, the
rising barrier BL4x, the ParkPlus 100 & 101 with the ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition)
option for parking areas, the TollPlus 261 & 262 for toll applications and BL 15 for public sites.

Product range

High-security products

For several years, the actual context of the market leads to better physical high-security solution
to protect buildings and gathering sites.
Automatic Systems has developed its High-security products portfolio to protect infrastructures
and public sites from the vehicles, weapons, explosions and others break-ins.
Automatic Systems offers on one hand beam barrier, automatic bollards, tire-killers,
semiautomatic bollards, fixed bollards or removable bollards, on the other hand, we offer security
airlocks. All of these products respects several high-security criteria such as the PAS68
certification or PAS68, IWA14-1, ASTM F2656-07, EN1627, EN1522…

Company news

All-round security from Automatic Systems

All-round security from Automatic Systems

The company exhibits its high security products at the security trade fair

(Unna – 02.08.2018) Automatic Systems will exhibit its entry and access control products at the security trade fair to be held in Essen from 25 to 28 September. Highlights on the company’s stand 3G123 in Hall 3 will include the AccessLane swing gate. The barrier-free swing gate has been specially developed for people with restricted mobility or people carrying suitcases or bulky items. It is designed, after successful authentication, to allow both partial opening, so that only one person can pass through, and full opening. The gate can ideally be used in addition to SlimLane or SmartLane systems, as trade fair visitors to the stand can see for themselves. The SlimLane gate with its single or double glass doors likewise permits only authorised access and offers a wide range of customisation options, such as a black housing. “We have recently upgraded our control technology for the AccessLane system, so that it now operates on the same basis as the SlimLane. The control system includes features such as an Ethernet interface and HTML software, which means that no further equipment software is required on the PC,” explains Stephan Stephani, Sales Manager Germany at Automatic Systems. Also on display is SmartLane, another gate with variable security levels and a high detection rate. It counters forced opening attempts with mechanical locking and an acoustic and electronic alarm.

The advantages of the new control system also benefit the company’s barrier systems. Older models can be retrofitted with the current version and thus upgraded to the state of the art. In terms of high security products, both the BL229 barrier for larger clearance widths and the BL47 model with a rigid aluminium fenced barrier will be on show. The latter is specifically designed for hazardous areas. Moreover, with its high security bollards, the company is once more responding to the need for security in public spaces and has found the perfect balance between security and the free movement of pedestrians. “We receive an increasing number of enquiries relating to high security products, which is why we are exhibiting our extensive range at Security. We look forward to discussions with professional visitors in order to understand their requirements,” says Stephan Stephani with reference to the trade fair.

Company profile

AUTOMATIC SYSTEMS is a world leader in the automation of secure entrance control. The company has been designing and manufacturing pedestrian, vehicle and passenger access systems for nearly 50 years.

Founded in 1969, Automatic Systems has developed a unique know-how in the design of high-end obstacles, one-person detection and throughput management making it a brand renowned for the high quality of its products in terms of performance and reliability.

The company is part of the Bolloré group, assurance of a long-term investment strategy and stability for the company.

Our large worldwide business network includes offices and subsidiaries in Belgium, France, Spain, the United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Germany, Canada and the United States, a vast international network of distributors and local partners, as well as 5 manufacturing plants (3 in Belgium and 1 in France, Canada) and 3 R&D sites.

Every day, more than 90 million people use Automatic Systems’ equipment worldwide.
Automatic Systems’ public transportation products are in use in 25 countries.
Automatic Systems strongly believes that a customer is a partner and a supply contract a long-term commitment to service and quality. Our products are designed to suit the purposes and requirements of our clients who can always rely on us.

At Automatic Systems we know that the only way to stay at the forefront of market trends and customer requirements is by innovating and mastering technology. That’s why we invest heavily in Research & Development and have highly advanced resources and expertise for all equipment components (mechanical, electronic, software, etc.)

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