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The Surface Guard system: Temporary event security

The Surface Guard system: Temporary event security

ATG Access has developed the Surface Guard system for the purposes of temporary event protection and keeping people within crowded places, safe. 

Supplied in individual, lightweight modules and able to be stacked making transportation and storage very easy. The system is compact, robust and easy to install. Installation can be achieved across one standard road width with kerbs in just 40 minutes with four men. No fork lift truck assistance is required.

The system is modular; completely surface mounted and incorporates a number of innovative features which allows its deployment from lightweight vehicles in a very short period of time. Many different site scenarios can be accommodated within a Surface Guard deployment.

This innovative system can cope with road cambers and changes in levels as a result of kerbs or central reservations. The system has been designed to be aesthetically pleasing and to avoid an ‘unfriendly’ or menacing feel.

The Surface Guard units allow pedestrian, wheelchair, buggy and cyclist access. An emergency vehicle access point can be added to fit within a standard array.

Six to ten units can be stacked flat on one normal sized pallet for easy transportation and storage. This also reduces the number of delivery vehicles required to secure a road width in comparison to more traditional barriers such as concrete or steel blocks. All units can be man handled removing the need for forklift truck assistance.

Already installed to protect a number of high profile events; the Surface Guard system has been deployed at marathon events, premier league football games, christmas market events and firework displays. 

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Impact Tested Automatic Bollards

Impact Tested Automatic Bollards

Impact tested, high security bollards protect critical national infrastructure from vehicle borne attacks. Installing automatic bollards allows entrances, car parks, service areas and private roads to be accessible only by authorised vehicles but remain pedestrian permeable.

ATG Access Automatic High Security Bollards (supplied exclusively by SecuTec Solutions in Germany) are hydraulically operated, have been tested to a range of different IWA 14, PAS 68 & ASTM certifications and are available in a wide variety of aesthetic finishes.

Able to cope with a high number of operations per hour, automatic bollards are ideal to protect entrances or sites with high traffic flow. The bollards can be part of a large, secure access control scheme or operated as a standalone system.

The control boards provided with ATG systems are standard PLC control systems which we can setup to meet whatever operational requirements you may have. Most products can also be fitted with an additional ‘emergency fast operation’ function so that the bollard can be deployed in a matter of seconds for maximum site security.

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Impact Tested Road Blockers

Impact Tested Road Blockers

ATG Access (supplied by SecuTec Solutions exclusively in Germany), revolutionary Road Blockers have been designed to be industry leaders in terms of cost effectiveness, technology and serviceability; a clever piece of engineering from the ATG Access team producing a very strong and versatile blocker.

With an installation foundation depth of just 400 mm total depth required, ATG high security road blockers are shallow mounted. Straight forward to install requiring only a single pour of concrete and a simple rebar structure, which reduces the cost of civil works considerably. This also minimises the time needed on site in comparison to install traditional road blocker structures.

One fundamental feature which makes ATG Road Blockers so different from previous road blocker products is the unique counter balance mechanism utilised within the design. These mechanisms reduce the need for hydraulic power allowing the use of a small, integral power unit and removing the need for large above ground cabinets. This also substantially reduces power consumption ensuring that this product utilises energy sustainably.

The blocker’s top plate is exceptionally rigid when driven over, greatly improving reliability; it is also energy absorptive when impacted.  The top plate comprises of a layer structure of thin steel and a high-tech polymer giving far greater longevity even when being driven over by heavy vehicles on a regular basis. The product is designed for fast and easy servicing.

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Shallow Foundation, Impact Tested Bollards

Shallow Foundation, Impact Tested Bollards

Shallow Foundation bollards were originally designed to combat the problematic fitting of traditional bollards which require deep foundations. The innovation of shallow foundation bollards allows physical security measures to be installed without extensive excavation. This avoids the costly disruption of services and also allows security measures to be installed within a suspended slab or above an integral sub-structure. 

During installation of this innovative Shallow Foundation technology, disruption of habitats and tree roots is kept to a minimum. Less plant machinery is required on site to fit the product which in turn reduces pollution and noise. The security solution uses a smaller amount of concrete, less than 25% of the concrete employed in a traditional foundation. The installation time required for shallow foundation bollards is also dramatically quicker than traditional, full  depth impact tested bollards. 

This technology is already protecting a number of high profile, commercial buildings in German cities. Supplied and installed exclusively in Germany by ATG's partner - SecuTec Solutions GmbH. 

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Strengthening Stadium Security ahead of Major Events

Strengthening Stadium Security ahead of Major Events

Over the past couple of years, stadiums and tourist attractions across the world have become key targets for terrorist attacks due to the regular heavy footfall in and around the venue. Just last year, we suffered a devastating attack right on our doorstep, which happened at the Manchester Arena in May.

In November 2015, we saw attacks on a concert venue and the national football stadium in Paris, and at the end of 2016, a football stadium in Istanbul became the target of an attack.

Following these incidents, stadium security has been severely tightened ahead of major cultural and sporting events. But, with summer just around the corner, and popular sporting events, such as the Common Wealth Games, the Grand National and the Boston, Manchester and London Marathons, only a few months away, security must remain at the forefront of stadium managers’ minds.

So, what measures should be put in place to mitigate against future attacks?

Protecting the perimeter with bollards and barriers:

When events are about to take place, huge crowds will often gather outside the venue, as they queue to get in, or wait for transport to get home once the event has finished. Whatever the reason for the crowds, they make the ideal target for terror attacks that aim to cause as much destruction as possible. That’s because terrorists are now opting to use vehicles as weapons, rather than planting bombs or using guns or knifes, as its much easier to access a van or car. And large vehicles can cause huge amounts of damage in just a short space of time.

To protect crowds of people on a temporary basis, separating attendees and vehicles is particularly effective. This could be done by closing off pedestrian areas or including temporary road closures. However, these spaces need to be pedestrian permeable to keep exits clear and allow people and crowds to move around freely, especially in an emergency situation. It’s also important to avoid creating a ‘fortress mentality’ so that attendees feel relaxed, rather than worrying about the risk of attack.

An ideal way to effectively secure the perimeter of a stadium or other type of event venue from vehicle attacks would be to deploy specially designed, temporary vehicle mitigation bollards and barriers.

Many Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) barriers are designed to blend in easily with a location’s surroundings so they don’t cause unnecessary alarm to the public. Advancements have meant that such barriers can now withstand the impact of cars and vans, along with larger vehicles, such as trucks or lorries. This is normally perceived as too ambitious for temporary, surface mounted measures There are however products available which are surface mounted and that can stop vehicles weighing 2,500 kg travelling at 48 kph, and some are now even capable of withstanding the impact from vehicles weighing 7,200 kg travelling at 32 kph.

Importantly, these barriers have been designed to be compact and lightweight, so they can be transported and deployed quickly and easily. There will be no need to close down roads or use heavy machinery, reducing the level of disruption caused to attendees and the public to a minimum. The permeable design also makes it possible for wheelchair users, cyclists and parents with prams to easily pass through with ease. They can even allow emergency vehicle access if required.

With 2018 now in full swing, and lots of popular events set to go ahead in the coming months, more focus must be put on improving stadium security and other similar venues to protect attendees and the wider public. By assessing the level of risk for each venue— examining recent attacks on areas that fit the venue profile—security personnel must consider all aspects of security needed to protect individual venues and help prevent future incidents. Permanent and temporary measures are available to suit client security requirements.

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Westminster Crash: The Changing Threat Of Vehicle Attacks

Westminster Crash: The Changing Threat Of Vehicle Attacks

After the recent suspected terror attack in Westminster, the threat of vehicle as a weapon attacks (VAAWs) has once again come to the forefront of public consciousness. Fortunately, there were no fatalities during the incident on Tuesday morning as the rogue vehicle came to halt having collided with an anti-terror barrier installed in Parliament Square. While the motivation for the Westminster crash is still unknown, it has highlighted the continued need for vigilance in the face of potential threats. In the wake of the Westminster crash, our sales director Gavin Hepburn was interviewed by Radio 5 Live to discuss the incident and the wider threat of lone wolf attacks.

Currently, Parliament Square is protected by temporary high-security barriers which have been in place for almost ten years. Though with this most recent incident the impetus now is on installing more permanent solutions. Senior police officers have been advocating the pedestrianisation of Parliament Square in order to further protect the home of British politics, a solution that is supported by the London Mayor Sadiq Khan.

As Gavin highlights in the interview there is a need to strike a balance between security and avoiding a fortress mentality. Pedestrians need somewhere that is secure but also lets them feel comfortable. There are now clever ways of incorporating high-security products in a more aesthetic and efficient way, through planters, street furniture and traditional stainless steel and cast-iron bollards. Increasingly at ATG Access, we’re seeing a demand for bespoke solutions that seamlessly blend into the environment, something that we have seen used to great effect in St. Pancras.

One of the worries that has been raised about pedestrianising these areas and increasing the number of barriers and bollards, is will it affect our everyday lives? To some extent yes it will, but if you look at airports or train stations how often do we notice the security measures protecting the outside of the building. When they’re designed to allow people to easily flow in and out of the building we don’t even give them a second thought.

The Changing Threat:
In recent years we have seen a rise in what we call vehicle as a weapon attacks or VAAWs. These are fairly random lone wolf attacks using a vehicle, that target high profile sites, like the two attacks in parliament square that we have seen over the last year. Traditionally there has always been a push to protect critical infrastructure, something ATG Access has been a part of for 20 years, but it is now becoming even more important.

Over the last few years, the British security services have encouraged industry to develop answers to this emerging threat as well as encouraging private and public spending on solutions for the future and not necessarily today. Here at ATG Access, we have always strived to develop new products in a never-ending pursuit help protect a wider range of sites and the changing threats.

For example, our shallow foundation technology makes our high-security bollards easier and quicker to install, allowing them to protect a more diverse range of key sites like airports, train stations and government buildings. While more recently our Surface Guard temporary barrier was created as a solution for protecting crowded spaces at short notice. As for the future, we will continue to work diligently to develop new solutions to protect against terrorist attacks.

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ATG Access is a world leading designer & manufacturer of impact tested bollards, road blockers & vehicle barrier systems with over 25 years of experience in the physical security industry. Supplying products to over 40 countries, ATG Access has an extensive list of prestigious, international reference sites including parliament buildings, airports, railway stations, palaces, oil and gas facilities, financial institutions and critical national infrastructure.

Working exclusively in Germany with SecuTec Solutions, the partnership takes the hassle out of security design. Making solutions elegant & practical; whether innovation is driven from a customer requirement or a new opportunity; our combined engineering brains are always developing the best security solution for clients. 

In response to the emerging vehicle as a weapon threat, ATG and SecuTec Solutions are proud to bring the latest product innovation in temporary event security to the German security market - The Surface Guard System. This product is completely surface mounted, light weight and easy to install and ideal for protecting people within crowded places.