Celsiusstraat 1
NL 2652 XN Lansingerland

Company profile

ATEÏS Europe B.V. is a leading company in the industry of Audio Professionals Sound Systems. Member of the international PAX Pro Av Group, we benefit from 30 years of experience in the research, designing, development, manufacturing and selling of Audio and Security Solutions for the Voice Alarm, Public Address, Commercial Audio, Communications and Conferencing markets.

Our mission is to provide our customers excellent acoustic sound systems which can suit to all kind of applications: transportation, airports, hotels, restaurants, retails, industry, stadiums, …

To ensure the civil security, we offer a large range of Voice Alarm solutions certified to the EN 54 standards allowing Public information and Voice Evacuation in case of emergency.

Thanks to our strong and experienced R&D and customer/technical support team, we are able to implement and respond rapidly to the demands of our various vertical markets. Our European commercial team is at your disposal to imagine, develop and implement today and tomorrow’s solutions.