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TeraSnap series products

TeraSnap series products

1.TeraSnap B02 - Revolving Body Detector (Single Host)

Revolving Body Detector is a completely safe and reliable security check solution. There is one TeraSnap host inside. When doing security check, people just need to step inside the detector and turn around to check 360° without physically removing clothes or going through any physical contact. With the features of real-time imaging, the security check would be completed in seconds. By using terahertz passive technology, it is totally radiation free and entirely safe to use. Besides metal and liquids, it can also detect accurately plastic weapons, explosives, gels, drugs, currency. Also, it is easy to install with limited space occupation.

2.TeraSnap B02- Intelligent Body Detecting Passage (Double Hosts)

Intelligent Body Detecting Passage is a revolutionary security check solution for mass transit. There are two TeraSnap hosts inside, one for the front while the other for the back. When people walk through the Detecting Passage, the system will generate the front and back of human body terahertz videos in real-time, detecting concealed objects hidden under clothing. This contactless security check solution enables more than 3,000 people pass through per hour. Intelligent Body Detecting Passage is also radiation free and capable to detect several kinds of materials. It can be deployed in various scenarios, especially for mass transit, such as airport, metro station, train station, important venue and event.

3. TeraSnap Mobile-Truck-mounted security check station

TeraSnap Mobile is a flexible truck-mounted integrated system for security check. There are three core kinds of equipment, Terahertz Real-Time Imaging Body Detector, X-Ray Luggage Screening Machine and Integrated Display and Control System. TeraSnap Mobile is a one-stop solution to check both human body and luggage. Based on customer's requirement, it is able to integrate Face & ID Comparison System, 3D Portrait Data Door, Vehicle Bottom Scanning System, Vehicle Identification System, Telephone Conference System.
Packed in one container and loaded on a truck, there is no need to do installation and debugging for TeraSnap Mobile. Also, the container is capable to be unfolded to expand the space. TeraSnap Mobile can be flexible deployed in many places, including temporary checkpoint, exhibition, large event, emergency situation, etc. without the limitation of time and environment. And it is convenient to move away afterwards.



Company profile

Brainware Terahertz Information Technology Co., Ltd. is the subsidiary of China Electronic Technology Group Corporation (CETC), specializing in R&D, manufacture, sales and service of terahertz series body detector for security check. Brainware Terahertz insists on self-innovation and mastering core technologies in order to improve security check experience. More than 90% of R&D team members have master or doctor degree.
As Brainware Terahertz's primary product, TeraSnap series body detector is a revolutionary security check solution for mass transit. It is able to detect the concealed objects hidden under clothing such as metal or plastic weapons, explosives, liquids, gels, drugs, currency, etc. With the features of radiation free, real-time imaging, contactless, non-invasive and high throughput, it is safer, more reliable, more decent and more efficient than traditional methods. It can be used for various scenarios, including anti-terrorism, airport, metro station, train station, custom control, loss prevention, important event, etc.
TeraSnap is a completely self-developed product with independent intellectual property. It has been deployed on a large scale in China. With Brainware Terahertz technology, we believe a new era of security check has come.