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ALVARA Logistic App - Cash and Valuables Transport 2.0

ALVARA Logistic App - Cash and Valuables Transport 2.0

ALVARA Cash Management Group AG has set itself to the task of taking tracking & tracing in cash logistics to the next level. The goal was to integrate an intuitive app into the latest tour scanner technology based on the non-proprietary Android operating system.

With the ALVARA Logistic App, cash-in-transit companies can digitally document the cash cycle from collection to the arrival at the Cash Center in real time for the first time ever.
Real-time transparency of the entire process is ensured by a continuous connection of the tour scanner on which ALVARA Logistic App is operating, to ALVARA Interactive Cash Control (ICC) - the Cash Control platform

New features generate added value for service providers and clients. The driver, for instance, can access information on the route and stops. Even before the vehicle is unloaded and locked up for the day, the Cash Center has already received all the relevant data at  its disposal.

Furthermore, the features of the ALVARA Logistic App can be expanded by two modules: If the client secures access through single-use code locks, the Single-Use Code Generator by ALVARA can generate an access code directly on the spot. Single-use codes generated only as needed in a timely manner. This procedure avoids circumstantial management of keys and lists. Misuse in the case of a lost scanner can be prevented by using this technology.

ALVARA's Digital Driver Legitimation enables fast and secure authorization of the cash and valuables transport drivers. The driver's QR code is scanned by the branch employee and automatically matched with the data stored in ALVARA ICC. This procedure makes legitimation paper lists obsolete and increases the overall security of cash handovers.

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Our Projects

Our Projects

We have "Your cash in clear sight" – no matter where it is in the cash cycle and which issues of processing and control need to be dealt with.

The benefits of our solutions are obvious – e.g.:

  • staff relieved of elaborate routine tasks
  • increase in quality with continuous processing
  • minimization of risks during processing due to high level of automation
  • decrease in time required for controlling and reports
  • security of investment due to a solution which can be expanded flexibly and complies with the standards of the Federal Bank and other partners in the cash management process

As a provider of solutions, we are also a partner for all topics associated with the hardware components utilized in cash processing.

Company profile

A mid-sized information logistics company, ALVARA has redefined cash management. The extensive knowledge of the industry enables us to understand and connect the interests of all cash stakeholders in the fields of finance and trade as well as those of the cash-in-transit companies. Following the motto ”Your cash in clear sight“, we offer complete IT solutions for the cash cycle tailored to market needs. For this purpose, we take an expansive standardized approach to fulfill the needs of our customers and the industry. Using the latest technology and in close cooperation with our customers, we incorporate current market requirements and trends in the development of our products. ALVARA works with its customers in a proactive and strategic manner. We have a flexible price model to meet our customers‘ individual needs. The project management and software development process guarantee the high quality of our solutions available through certified data processing centers. Our Service and Support team is available 24 hours a day, 365 days per year.