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CTRL+SKY STATIONARY is a unique, multi-sensor drone detection and tracking system that allows effective detection, identification and neutralization of drones, day and night, in any weather conditions, without blind zones, providing an umbrella-like protection. Combination of proprietary radar, acoustic, vision and RF sensors enables effective detection of small drones at a distance of up 2000 metres, with minimal false alarms.


  • Multi-sensor drone detection, identification and neutralization system
  • Integrated radar, acoustic, RF and vision sensors, as well as jammers
  • Modular and scalable design to protect effectively installations/areas of any size
  • Robust design to withstand any weather conditions with flexible mounting options
  • Also available in a portable and a vehicle mounted version
Company news

Defender prize for Ctrl+Sky

Defender prize for Ctrl+Sky

Our Ctrl+Sky™ drone detection and neutralization system received the Defender Award during the International Defence Industry Exhibition (MSPO). – Drones are detected by the system comprising as many as four types of sensors. The first and most important one is a very sensitive radar, the second one is an acoustic sensor, the third one – a radio wave detector, whereas the fourth one is a camera – describes Michal Spychalski, a member of the Supervisory Board of Advanced Protection Systems Inc. We are really thankful for the recognition!

You can read more at the website of Polska Zbrojna monthly:

Company profile

Multi-sensor counter-drone system: Ctrl+Sky
APS has developed and commercialized a unique system for detecting and neutralizing drones: Ctrl+Sky. Thanks to the multi-sensor approach, Ctrl+Sky enables efficient detection, identification and neutralization of drones, day and night, in all weather conditions. Ctrl+Sky offers a scalable system approach to ensure a complete “dome” of protection. The combination of patented radar, acoustic, vision and RF sensors allow Ctrl+Sky to minimize false alarms and detect UAV at distances up to 2000m.

The Ctrl+Sky is available in stationary, portable and vehicle mounted versions as well. The system optionally includes advanced radio transmission and navigation jammer. The Ctrl+Sky is integrated with automated early warning and threat neutralization system. The dedicated, web-based application with an intuitive and user-friendly interface allows to provide secure access for a defined users group from a PC, laptop or a mobile device.

The company has headquarters in Poland and the United States, however, the network of distributors includes 32 countries around the world.