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Company profile

Since the beginning of the 1970s, AddSecure has helped its customers make society safer and today we have 130,000 satisfied users of our secure critical communications solutions. We monitor communications between our customers’ alarm systems and we make it easy for connected devices (IoT) to securely communicate with each other.

AddSecure’s products are certified to domestic and international standards and offer the most secure communications solutions. We are constantly working to develop cost-effective solutions at the forefront of technology.

AddSecure operates in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland and our head office is in Sweden with regional offices in Stockholm, Oslo, Gothenburg, Malmö, Örebro and Helsinki. We have a staff of around 135, many of whom work in our technology department to secure services and develop future product offerings.

AddSecure is owned by Abry Partners, an American private equity company founded in 1989 and headquartered in Boston, USA. Abry Partners is one of the USA’s most successful private equity companies and, since its inception, has completed more than 550 transactions worth over 61 million US dollars.

Mission and business model

“Our customers make society safer.” Our solutions help businesses and other organisations ensure that critical communications between alarm centers, security firms and managers runs smoothly. This includes making sure that a lift is never out of service for too long, that a company’s IoT devices are protected or that server rooms never overheat. 

AddSecure is leading provider of secure critical communications in Northern European. We are an attractive partner and create leading solutions in cooperation with our partners and customers. One of our most important success factors is our broad professional experience within both communications and security.


AddSecure has developed and marketed solutions for secure communications since the beginning of the 70s when the first dedicated analoge alarm network was established. The company has continued to develop solutions for secure communications and today we offer IP-based solutions for landlines and mobile networks. During the early 2000s the company began developing mobile-based solutions and has been an active partner with many leading companies in the construction and operation of mobile networks. Our business has its roots in the big telecom operators in Norway and Sweden as well as larger security companies. This has fostered a unique set of competencies, which combine expertise in both communications and security.


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