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Products and innovations

Razberi Monitor: Cybersecurity software from ComNet

Razberi Monitor: Cybersecurity software from ComNet

ACRE International are aligned with key industry evolution, focusing on cybersecurity, infrastructure, and the convergence of systems and technologies to support future-proofing customers through the advancement of value-based solutions that deliver superior, seamless user experiences.

One such product in ACRE’s in-depth portfolio is Razberi Monitor™, a software platform that provides a top-down view of the physical security network and ecosystem without IT resources. It monitors and manages all the system components for both cybersecurity and system health, and can be deployed from the cloud or on-premise.
By intelligently utilizing system properties and sensor data, Razberi’s award-winning cybersecurity software prevents problems while providing a centralized location for asset and alert management. Monitor™ enables proactive maintenance by offering problem resolutions before they become more significant problems. Identifying issues before they fail and become an outage is key to system availability and, moreover, is a considerable OPEX cost saving.

Cybersecurity events that Razberi Monitor can protect from include:

  • Brute-force attack
  • Denial of service attack
  • MAC Spoofing
  • Unauthorized device
  • Whitelist and internet protection violations
  • Camera video and audio loss
  • IoT device excessive reconnects and switch statuses
  • Devices connecting to the network with common and default passwords

These cyber threat conditions are loaded and alerted live through the Razberi Monitor platform. Additionally, with Razberi Appliance defense, the Cylance Protect AI Antivirus and Antimalware protection are fully integrated, meaning any viral software attacks are also alerted.

Razberi Monitor’s innovative features and benefits were recognized when the product won the 2021 Detektor International award for Innovation.

Product range

ACT365 Cloud based access control solution

ACT365 Cloud based access control solution

ACT365 is a complete cloud-based access control and video management solution that enables you to manage your security system from anywhere, at anytime.  ACT365 fits the everyday needs of any business with Limited IT Infrastructure/Remote use to provide full access control and video verification with any internet-connected device.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Associate recorded video footage with access control events in a single system
  • Always get video verification of cardholder with live views of doors
  • Access from anywhere, at anytime and on any device
  • Compatible with leading browsers (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox)
  • Smart Phone App for iOS and Android

Typical installations include:

  • Multiple Sites – Retail/Restaurants
  • SME’s
  • Gym's
  • Construction Sites
  • Property Management/Rental Companies
  • Remote Sites
Product range

VR Series Card Readers

VR Series Card Readers

Discover Vanderbilt VR series MIFARE Card Reader range

As well as being attractive, Vanderbilt VR series Card Readers introduce dynamic features and an OLED display to simplify installation and in-service functionality.

Designed for today's bright, clean interiors, yet robust in service, our VR series of Mifare card readers are easy to install, use and maintain. The VR series reader with keypad and graphical display maximises the user interaction with arming, access and recognition messaging etc, resulting in improved and enhanced user interaction "at the door".

Key product characteristics at a glance:

  • Best in class – stylish design!
  • Multicolour LED light frame
  • Auto dim in reduced light
  • OSDP or Wiegand connectivity
  • MIFARE card technology including EV1 and EV2
  • Hardwearing materials
  • IK class 08 and -40°C to +70°C temperature
  • Easy to mount and connect
  • Card, card and pin, and pin only functionality
  • More cost efficient VR option
  • Easy to install and configure
  • Tamper protection
  • Light sensor – adapts to the environment

The range includes:

  • VR10S-MF - MIFARE card reader
  • VR20M-MF - MIFARE Mullion reader
  • VR40S-MF - MIFARE card reader standard with keypad and display
  • VR50M-MF – MIFARE Mullion reader with keypad
  • VR SERIES card readers have been designed to work with security systems that utilize OSDP or Wiegand protocols

Standard prox and keypad VR SERIES readers use OSDP

Mullion mount prox and keypad VR SERIES readers use OSDP and Wiegand

VR SERIES readers work with Vanderbilt access control and intruder detection systems, including ACT, ACT365, SPC and Omnis

Product range

SPC Wireless - Discreet in design, tasteful by nature

SPC Wireless - Discreet in design, tasteful by nature

SPC Wireless is Easy to mount, pair and configure.

Attractive and easy-to-use, Vanderbilt’s SPC Wireless detectors are technologically built for maximum efficiency. Having over a decade’s experience in the field of wireless technology, Vanderbilt’s range of SPC Wireless detectors are the best yet.

Perfect for domestic, commercial, and retail use, these two-way wireless intruder alarm products provide end users with attractive solutions that
are easy to operate, and can be installed with the minimum of disruption.

Security needs are very different from what they were over a decade ago – when wireless first came on the security scene. Today, people need solutions that are mobile and adaptable to their environment, and Vanderbilt’s SPC Wireless detectors are built to compliment these shifting realities of everyday, modern life.

SPC Wireless user application examples:

Retail Environments
In retail, SPC Wireless detectors’ aesthetically appealing design is ideal to fit in with retail environments and compliment the surrounding environments of a modern retail store. Vanderbilt’s products are also quick and easy to install, meaning less disruption to the store. Domestic Environments Vanderbilt’s SPC Wireless detectors’ battery life is five years. This means homeowners won’t have to go to worry about continually changing out batteries, giving them peace of mind that their home is under consistent protection against intruders. Vanderbilt also uses common batteries meaning they are accessible to source, again focused on making life easier for the end

Commercial Environments
In commercial environments, the SPC wireless range can extend to 500 meters meaning one single detector can cover that whole building. This is more cost effective than having to wire an entire building with cable, cutting down on install time, and ultimately cuts down on expenses for the end user.

Product range

ACT access control solutions Leaders in cloud and on-premise access control systems

ACT access control solutions Leaders in cloud and on-premise access control systems

ACTpro access control solutions are role-based, scalable and available as either on-premise and cloud-based systems, supporting all vertical requirements. Incorporating advanced feature sets such as video and intrusion integration we aim to help protect people, property and assets.


Bluetooth Low Energy Readers - Bluetooth Readers are a secure and flexible identification solution bringing the access credential to Android™ and iOS®
smartphones. Our simple credential license model offers users long term cost savings without annual subscriptions or hidden costs.

SPC integration - ACTpro software interfaces with Vanderbilt’s SPC intrusion system and allows real time system status to be viewed via its graphical user interface.
Using a simple drag and drop method, icons can be located on a map allowing the security operator to view real time alerts and take appropriate action to cancel and acknowledged alarms. This enhanced cause and effect integration allows for customizable outcomes such as locking doors automatically in an alarm event.

Rules Mapping - ACTpro rules mapping engine enables advanced command and control actions to be managed through an easy to use drag-and-drop interface.

Integrating with KONE - KONE is a global leader in the lift and escalator industry and provides lifts, escalators, automatic building doors, and solutions for maintenance and modernization. This adds value to the life cycle of any building. The ACTpro and KONE integration allows for a significant increase in footfall through the elevator system. This means you can prioritize elevators and make them work efficiently. For example, during morning rush hour, the elevator can be configured
for optimal utilization to ensure effective throughput.

Integrating with ANPR - ACTpro now integrates with Number Plate Recognition cameras (NPR/LPR)) that output a license plate number on th OSDP or Wiegand interface. The NPR / LPR camera automatically reads the license plate and converts it to a numeric format. The number is then transmitted to the ACTpro controller via the Wiegand or OSPD interface. If the user is configured with appropriate access rights, access is granted.

Integrating with Aviligon - Avigilon Security Solutions are designed as easy-touse software and hardware IP network products that include image capture, analysis, storage, transfer, and playback of high quality video surveillance footage.  ACTpro access control system now integrates with Avigilon Control Center (ACC) 7. This
is Aviligon’s latest and most advanced version of their video management software and is designed to bring the right information to you so that you can take action. ACC 7 delivers an easy-to-use, AI-enabled user interface to help ensure critical events do not go unnoticed.

Integrating with Hanwha - ACTpro access control system now integrates with Hanwha Wisenet NVR (SUNAPI 2.5.7 or later). The operator can visually verify access control activity and video footage directly from ACTpro.  The integration removes the need for operators to use two separate software platforms. Operators can
conveniently view live streams or recorded video associated with a door directly in ACTpro.

Aperio Wireless Locks integration The integration between the Assa Abloy Aperio® wireless lock technology and Vanderbilt ACTpro access control system gives
you the flexibility to expand your system to even more doors.

To find out more visit our website here: ACTpro Access Control

Product range

Vcredential - How Vanderbilt’s Bluetooth Readers can benefit your business

Vcredential - How Vanderbilt’s Bluetooth Readers can benefit your business

In the era of the smartphone, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) is transforming the future of access control. This removes the need for a physical card or tag and replaces it with a secure Bluetooth credential that communicates with the reader to grant or deny access.

What we can offer:

  • BLE hardware with Vanderbilt software
  • Vanderbilt virtual credentials purchased via a software licence
  • Wiegand & RS485 interface options
  • Compatible with MIFARE Classic & MIFARE DESFire EV1, EV2
  • Compatible systems: ACTpro, OMNIS, ACT365, SPC, as well as multiple third-party partner systems.
  • FREE end-user app for Android™ and iOS™
  • How does it work?

VCredential is a cloud-based credential management platform that offers users the ability to create and manage Bluetooth credentials independent of the access control
platform. It’s key benefit focuses on intuitive usability and the opportunity to benefit from the latest industry technology trends.

1. The system administrator sends an invitation email to the end user which contains a 6-digit alphanumeric activation code.

2. The end user downloads the VI mobile ID app and enters the activation code.

3. The end-user then uses the credential (via the app)when approaching doors with Vanderbilt BLE readers to gain access.

How Bluetooth can benefit you!

  • SAVE TIME & MONEY: Mobile credentials are time and cost-effective alternatives to managing physical credentials.
  • CUSTOMER CONVENIENCE: Bluetooth removes the need for a physical credential and replaces it with a virtual credential for smartphone devices that provides customers with a smooth user experience.
  • SECURE: Data encryption with 128bit AES encryption and randomization. This encryption is the same grade used by banks and hospitals.
Product range

ComNet Transmission & Connectivity solutions

ComNet Transmission & Connectivity solutions

ComNet is a major provider of transmission and network communication solutions. Comnet is an industry-leading, global provider of intuitive communication solutions for some of the most demanding operational requirements, many in challenging non-conditioned environments. We provide Ethernet (IP) and legacy interface (Audio, analogue video, contact closure, and RS Data) interfaces over copper, fiber, and wireless mediums.


Ethernet-based security networks perform a critical role in security. Therefore, the highest level of control and management must be achieved to keep the network
functioning optimally. No matter whether it is the network infrastructure, or the devices connected to it – the cameras, switches, servers, and more – that are the nodes
on the network, reliability is critical.

ComNet has a complete line of environmentally hardened Ethernet transmission equipment. These include:

  • Electrical to optical media converters.
  • Managed and unmanaged switches.
  • Standard twisted pair to coaxial cable/UTP media
  • converters to increase distances or utilize existing
  • transmission media as Ethernet transmission media.
  • Wireless Ethernet products.
  • Cellular radio Ethernet products.

ComNet also offers RS-232, RS-422, and RS-485 data to Ethernet and contact closure to Ethernet industrial edge server devices.

The switch line includes five to twenty-eight port-managed Ethernet switches with and without Power over Ethernet (PoE). A range of industry-unique, light-managed switches focusing on edge cybersecurity and reducing physical size.  ComNet also offers a line of unmanaged four up to eightport switches to provide connectivity for any application.

Systems demand continuous, dependable network functionality. ComNet is so confident in the performance of our Ethernet products that we can back them with a no questions-asked Limited Life Warranty.


Analog Video
ComNet fiber optic video products can transmit up to 32 individual video feeds over one optical fiber plus camera control data. ComNet offers multiple models from
economical AM modulated video to high-quality digital video. The main benefits to video over fiber include longer distances, immunity from EMI/RFI, as well as bandwidth to transmit multiple video feeds over a single optical fiber.

RS Data
ComNet fiber optic data transmission products are used to transport RS-232, RS-422, and RS-485 serial data that is commonly used for many access control systems. Some of the many benefits to serial data over optical fiber include increased distances and immunity to EMI/RFI. Products for these applications include serial data (RS-232/RS-422/RS-485) point-to-point, linear add-drop/point-to-multipoint, and self-healing ring transmission equipment.

ComNet offers fiber optic audio transmission products that can transmit balanced line-level 24-bit digitally encoded audio. The product line includes two bi-directional audio channels with contact closure and four-channel audio with bi-directional contact closure models.


Security & Surveillance
All IP-based security and surveillance networks demand transmission equipment that will perform reliably over the lifetime of the installation and with the lowest possible lifecycle costs to the owner of the system. ComNet designs, builds, and tests this equipment to exceed the industry-accepted standards and provide innovative features that enhance the operability and performance of the system.  For hardened network equipment, cybersecurity features that protect the integrity of the network in unconditioned and potentially unsecured environments are essential.  Along with that, the ability to provide high PoE levels over the full operating temperature range of the equipment is a must for operators and integrators.

Industrial Ethernet Networks
The industrial automation and process control industry utilizes specialized communications and networking equipment designed to operate reliably in extremely
difficult environments. These include:

  • Wide variations in operating temperature.
  • High humidity.
  • High levels of vibration and mechanical shock.
  • Voltage transient conditions.
  • Exposure to airborne and particulate matter.

These environments demand communications equipment that is specially designed for the task at hand, including highly robust design and construction, to ensure the
network remains as reliable as possible.  Many Industrial Ethernet applications mandate the requirement for security provisions to ensure that the network remains safe from any possible intrusion. Most ComNet-managed switches include SSH (Secure Shell), SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), and IPV6 protocols to ensure the security of the network.

Diese Umgebungen erfordern Kommunikationslösungen, die speziell für die jeweilige Aufgabe konzipiert sind, einschließlich einer äußerst robusten Auslegung und
Konstruktion, um sicherzustellen, dass das Netzwerk so zuverlässig wie möglich ist. Viele industrielle Ethernet-Anwendungen erfordern Sicherheitsvorkehrungen, um sicherzustellen, dass das Netzwerk vor jedem möglichen Eindringen sicher bleibt. Die meisten von ComNet verwalteten Switche umfassen SSH- (Secure Shell), SSL- (Secure Sockets Layer) und IPV6-Protokolle, um die Sicherheit des Netzwerks zu gewährleisten.


Product range

SPC Connect - A cloud-based solution to remotely monitor, manage and maintain SPC panels

SPC Connect - A cloud-based solution to remotely monitor, manage and maintain SPC panels

Connect, take control Imagine being able to give your customers instant remote access and support with a secure, reliable and powerful system. Find out what SPC Connect has to offer you and your company.

Small businesses
SPC Connect gives small businesses the ability to offer one-click customer service, allowing you to instantly and remotely resolve customer queries with confidence.  Thanks to its scalability, SPC Connect can grow with your business.

Medium-sized installation companies
SPC Connect is designed for installers who want to remotely monitor, manage and maintain their SPC panels over the internet from anywhere. This allows you to offer your customers a support service without having to be there in person.

The system is scalable with your business and gives you the ability to assign panel groups to individual installers.

Multinational installer companies
By setting permissions and responsibilities in SPC Connect, you can designate well-defined roles for regional offices and teams in the system. A scalable solution hosted by the Vanderbilt cloud server. This solution saves you time and money.

Interested in SPC Connect?  Talk to us about how our cloud surveillance system can benefit your business

Product range

SPC series – Application and Product Overview

SPC series – Application and Product Overview

SPC provides business, property and asset protection for users who want a feature-rich intrusion detection system with comprehensive alarm management functionality. Thanks to cloud services, end-user apps and a specially developed software suite, SPC is one of the leading modern intrusion detection systems.

Product range

SPC Intrusion Detection

SPC Intrusion Detection

SPC protects businesses, properties, and assets. It is an intrusion detection system that offers versatile and comprehensive alarm management functionality. Through the use of cloud services, end-user apps and a dedicated software suite, SPC is at the forefront of modern intrusion detection.  SPC is a professional security solution that provides an infrastructure that can easily be adapted to changing requirements, offering wired or wireless options.

Features & Benefits Include:

  • Features & Benefits
  • Range of panels to suit the customers' needs and budget
  • Intuitive web interface layout reducing navigation effort
  • Scalable up to 2,500 users, 512 zones
  • Built in door control – up to 2,500 users and 64 doors
  • One of the most approved panels in Europe
  • Embedded web server
  • IP based Audio - Video Verification
  • Reliable high-speed communication expander bus
  • Fully integrated secure IP based communication
  • Extensive software suite with instant remote access to any site
  • SPC Connect provides a secure communication path to SPC
  • FlexC™ Multi-path signalling facility with proprietary rolling encryption

The integrated Ethernet interface and bus technologies of SPC provide the necessary flexibility to adapt quickly and easily to changing circumstances.  Every SPC system comes with individual, preconfigured security settings that can be activated easily either locally via the keypad, or remotely via a web browser.

Company news

ACRE released two new products to the market for customers to enjoy.

ACRE released two new products to the market for customers to enjoy.

Bluetooth Modules
Vanderbilt's Bluetooth modules allow customers to leverage the investment in their current access control system by conveniently and economically adding Bluetooth credentialling capability. Adding a Bluetooth module is similar to adding a new OSDP or Wiegand reader. Read more.

Razberi SSIQ Hardware
Razberi SSIQ hardware products are now available in the EMEA and APAC regions. The initial release will focus on the integrated server storage and Ethernet switch SSIQ8 port products. These offer unique solutions in conditioned and unconditioned environments, coupled with best practice cybersecurity features. Read more.

Find out more and read online here: Bluetooth Module & Razberi SSIQ Hardware

Company profile

ACRE are aligned with key industry evolution, focusing on authentication, infrastructure, and the convergence of systems and technologies to support future-proofing customers through the advancement of value-based solutions that deliver superior, seamless user experiences.

Operating efficiently worldwide, ACRE take care in delivering exceptional security and transmission solutions that safeguard peace of mind across a broad variety of customer application needs including banking, education, healthcare, retail, and more.

Our core values ​​focus on a culture of empowerment in a collaborative environment. Combined with a forward-thinking market approach that aims to deliver high-performance results, we ensure to first approach every solution through the viewpoint of our customers. These characteristics are the distinctive marks of ACRE and the foundation of our drive to become the number one solutions provider in the markets we serve. 

For more information on our in-depth product portfolio and core values, simply visit to learn more.