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Company profile

AceProx Identifikationssysteme GmbH is a leading specialist in contactless identification using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and Near Field Communication (NFC). Since 1997 Aceprox supplies a wide range of readers, antennas and read / write devices for the most popular RFID and NFC chip technologies in 125kHz and 13,56MHz. Easy integration into whatever system and / or environment, highest product quality and intelligent solutions for specific requirements have made our reader products highly popular with OEMs, system manufacturers and specialized resellers all over Europe and Australia. Since 2004 AceProx operates its own sales office in Johannesburg, South Africa serving as a hub for our business in Southern Africa. Further expansion is planned for the near future by striking strategic partnerships with local RFID-focussed companies around Europe as well as with system partners using AceProx readers.


In combination with our readers a wide portfolio of RFID cards and tags for all sorts of applications, also customized with logo printing or personalized card printing make the AceProx GmbH a well-known “One-Stop-Shop” for all kinds of RFID-related hardware.