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INVICTUS Hybrid Ultra-Low-Light HD PTZ camera

INVICTUS Hybrid Ultra-Low-Light HD PTZ camera

360 Vision Technology UK has launched Invictus, a new range of cost-effective, high-performance, ruggedised PTZ cameras - aimed at the competitive midrange CCTV camera sector. Bridging the divide between analogue and IP systems, and coupled to attractive pricing, Invictus cameras have been designed to deliver a highly competitive all-in-one PTZ camera package, aiming to provide a viable alternative to low-cost options.

Packed with high-end functionality, performance and proven reliability, Invictus Dual Hybrid functionality offers enables installation within existing analogue systems, or stunning full 1080P HD video streaming and IP control - without the need for camera hardware changes.

Invictus achieves incredible ultra low-light colour/mono imaging performance via the choice of either the latest 1/2.8” Sony StarVis, or 1/1.9” Sony Exmor R (Ultra) best-in-class HD camera modules, with a choice of 20x/30x/23x/32x zoom. And providing unobstructed scene imaging, Invictus views 360 degrees pan and 160 degrees tilt, alleviating the viewing limitations associated with the mounting bracket used for PTZ dome cameras.

For flexibility of control, Invictus is compatible with a wide-range of data protocols and VMS offerings, and features industry leading ONVIF 2.4 Profile S integration. An advanced Low Power mode reduces the power consumption by up to 50 per cent for use within ‘off grid’ or low power consumption sensitive applications. 
Enhancing 24-hour operation, the new Invictus range is the only ruggedised all-in-one PTZ camera to offer both IR and White-light high-intensity illuminators with an industry-leading up to 200 m IR illumination. Further supporting optimum imaging, Invictus cameras employ the same proven flat viewing window and wiper system as used in Predator. Unlike with dome cameras, this design allows the wiper blades constant, even and uninterrupted contact with the window surface, keeping them clear for 100 per cent effective scene surveillance.

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Predator is a high performance, fully featured range of ruggedised PTZ Cameras designed and manufactured in the UK.

The Predator range comes with multiple protocols as standard allowing quick and simple integration with many leading DVR’s, matrices and IP VMS systems.

The Predator range covers all applications with a comprehensive range of models including analogue, HD, Thermal, Radar, and Stainless Steel versions.

Predator cameras can be supplied in any colour, in any quantity.

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Vision Illuminator

Vision Illuminator

Vision Illuminator
The Vision Illuminator range of CCTV security and surveillance cameras offer outstanding night vision with 360 Degree COVERT IR Illumination, and 360 Degree OVERT White Light illumination.

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The UK’s largest public space camera scheme – 4 years on

The UK’s largest public space camera scheme – 4 years on

The UK’s largest public space camera scheme – 4 years on

The Glasgow Operations Centre (GOC), is the biggest integration of systems within the Technology Strategy Board (UK Government’s innovation agency) Future Cities project, in Glasgow. This involved the integration of Public Space CCTV, Urban Traffic Management and the Cities Civil Contingencies.

The GOC went operationally live in 2014, in time to support the management of the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games and provide comprehensive security surveillance for the city, three years on; Glasgow’s City Council operated system is paying back its return on investment, assisting the council and police to effectively manage everyday situations across the city.

“The initial contact with Glasgow City Council first came from a chance demonstration of 360 Vision Technology cameras at the IFSEC 2013 exhibition. After being impressed by the company’s ruggedized HD Predator’s performance and functionality, 360 Vision was invited to talk more to Glasgow about their camera project requirements and objectives.

“For such a large UK public space system there was a tangible benefit to choosing a UK camera manufacturer and the accompanying availability of an on-demand and in-depth level of direct local manufacturer technical support,” says Adrian Kirk, Director of Strategic Accounts at 360 Vision Technology. “360 Vision played an essential role in providing technical input assisting the council to provide practical solutions to overcome technical and integration queries, basically, to provide a very high level of customer care.”

The Glasgow scheme was awarded Central Government funding in 2013. Fulfilling the all-essential role of camera imaging, 360 Vision Technology supplied over 500 HD Predator all-in-one PTZ cameras. The cameras were installed in and around the city centre, with over 65 being deployed for Traffic Monitoring, and fitted to Community Safety vehicles.

Some cameras were also supplied with 360 Vision’s built-in LED white light option, to enable control room operators to be proactive when dealing with certain incidents. Apart from providing lighting to achieve high-quality video images in dark areas, the use of white light acts as a visible assurance or as a deterrent to subjects under nearby camera surveillance, to make it clear that live surveillance monitoring is being carried out.

At the time of specification, the HD Predator camera was the only ruggedized camera of its type in existence. Other innovative features, such as the camera’s distortion free flat glass viewing window and associated wiper, and the fact that all 360 Vision cameras integrate easily to a wide range of 3rd party control and recording technology, all played a part in securing the camera’s long-term viability as the city’s camera of choice. Today, the camera is proving its longevity of performance and ROI within the Glasgow public space scheme.

“We worked closely with Glasgow City Council to ensure the successful delivery of high quality, HD surveillance camera images in to the council’s control room,’ Adrian continues. “Today, 360 Vision continue to add value to the initial investment, providing a high level of service of on-going customer care, as and when required.”

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360 Vision Technology report an increase in demand for temporary deployment CCTV

360 Vision Technology report an increase in demand for temporary deployment CCTV

Fulfilling the demand for rugged build quality and all-round performance, 360 Vision Technology reports that their British designed and manufactured ruggedised CCTV camera technology has seen a rapid increase in demand for use by many leading temporary surveillance equipment manufacturers.

‘As the applications for video surveillance expand and the requirements for CCTV in diverse areas increases, temporary surveillance is fast becoming a security industry growth sector’, says 360 Vision Technology.

Deployed in the field to provide highly effective temporary surveillance coverage at incident hotspots, or to extend the coverage of an existing video surveillance scheme, 360 Vision cameras are being used within temporary deployment CCTV camera systems consisting of site towers, redeployable domes, and (mobile) vehicle mounted wireless surveillance solutions.

Ideal for use across a variety of CCTV applications, such as police, rail, construction sites, Government, public sector, utilities, traffic and live events, 360 Vision Technology’s all-in-one Predator and Centurion camera models are proving highly popular for use in temporary deployment CCTV camera systems – to provide proactive support in the fight to reduce crime (and the fear of crime), vandalism, fly tipping and anti-social behaviour.

Rapid-deployment surveillance systems are also being used to secure remote sites and assets; including trackside and non-trackside rail applications, drug abuse hot spots, and managing major and minor temporary roadworks.

“Meeting the demanding needs of system operators, the versatile range of 360 Vision ruggedised CCTV cameras feature HD imaging, low power consumption, proven reliability and rugged construction, are just some of the reasons why 360 Vision Technology cameras are being chosen by many temporary deployment CCTV camera solutions manufacturers,” says Mark Rees, Business Development Director at 360 Vision Technology.

Available in a variety of camera/control combinations, including Analogue, High Definition, Thermal and Radar, and with 24-hour surveillance capability provided by optional white light and infrared LED illuminators, 360 Vision’s British designed & built analogue and IP camera range enables temporary deployment CCTV camera system manufacturers to enhance the mix of solutions options they can offer to their customers.

“We are very proud that 360 Vision’s market-leading range of ruggedised video surveillance cameras is fast becoming the go-to camera technology for many of the leading manufacturers in the temporary deployment CCTV camera surveillance sector,” Mark continues. “We have many ruggedised CCTV camera developments in the pipeline. Many of these are being developed utilising invaluable sharp-end feedback supplied to us as a direct result of our close technical relationships with companies at the cutting-edge of temporary deployment surveillance solutions.”

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London Borough Proof of Concept success for 360 Vision’s new Invictus camera

London Borough Proof of Concept success for 360 Vision’s new Invictus camera

London Borough Proof of Concept success for 360 Vision’s new Invictus camera


Invictus, the latest ruggedised PTZ camera from leading UK CCTV manufacturer 360 Vision Technology, has been installed against a tight deadline to cover a major public event in a north London Borough.

Specified for installation by DSSL Group, the new high-performance 360 Vision Technology Invictus cameras were installed in record time, to complete the upgrade of the London Borough’s Public Safety camera system in time to ensure the safe passage of a major public event – as well as to play a continuing role in the borough’s mix of public safety measures.

Talking about the new town centre installation, Aaron Stephens, Director at DSSL Group commented: “From the initial decision to specify Invictus cameras for the borough’s High Street and surrounding areas, all 22 Invictus units in the first phase were delivered, installed and commissioned within four weeks.

“We like the authoritative appearance of the new Invictus camera, similar in style to 360 Vision’s Predator camera, but unlike imported speed domes that look less public safety and more commercial, Invictus looks very much the part in the town centre streets. Versus the use of domes on swan necks that inherently introduce a visual blind spot, Invictus uses an upright mount to provide unhindered 360-degree coverage. In addition and again unlike a dome camera, Invictus can look both up and down.

“As highlighted in the Proof of Concept trial, the cameras’ excellent depth of autofocus is quite superb, with crystal clear focus across the entire image frame. This performance attribute is great for post event retrieval of recorded footage, where it will be used to assist the local authority in maximising their incident analysis and prosecutional evidence. It was also great to work with a respected UK manufacturer who provided on the ground technical support to help ensure the smooth delivery of this local authority project. From the superb operational results, we’d recommend Invictus to any other local authorities looking to upgrade their systems to the latest HD camera technology.”

Discussing the integration of cameras to the system’s new Genetec Video management software platform, DSSL Group’s commissioning engineer, Jordon Stephens, commented: “Adding the Invictus cameras as an ONVIF 2.4 Profile S compliant device to the Genetec Security Control Centre was extremely simple. In my experience, this process isn’t always straight forward, so the Invictus gets 10 out of 10 for easy ONVIF setup!”

Jordon went on to explain that: “The cameras’ pre-set factory default night-time settings are ideal for effective colour video at night. Invictus copes incredibly well with the town centre’s mix of lighting conditions and shadow areas, providing excellent ‘colour at night’ imaging – whereas in the same locations, other existing HD cameras on the system had switched to monochrome.

Commenting on the installation, Adrian Kirk, Director at 360 Vision Technology enthused: “We are proud that the new Invictus ruggedized PTZ camera was selected for such an important town centre project and especially as the cameras were commissioned in time to provide security and safety surveillance coverage for the major public event. Manufacturing CCTV cameras in the UK since 2002, and this installation marks the introduction of 360 Vision’s next generation ultra-low light imaging technology – featuring incredibly detailed night-time HD quality colour images.

“In addition, we couldn’t have asked for a better installation to showcase Invictus. DSSL Group’s attention to detail is phenomenal; they clearly take great pride in their workmanship. From the way they have contained the cable, through to the layout, neatness and set-up of system equipment, including the column equipment cabinets, the engineering team at DSSL Group really deserve great credit for their professionalism.


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Predator Radar reaches final round of Security Essen 'Security Innovation Awards 2018'

Predator Radar reaches final round of Security Essen 'Security Innovation Awards 2018'


360 Vision’s Predator Radar camera achieves the final round of Security Essen ‘Security Innovation Awards 2018’

The UK’s leading CCTV manufacturing company, 360 Vision Technology, has announced that it is just one of thirteen worldwide security companies to have reached the final round of this year’s Security Essen ‘Security Innovation Awards 2018.’

Out of a total of 75 entries in the categories of Technology & Products and Cyber Security/Economic Security, the Security Innovation Awards’ jury have selected entries including 360 Vision’s Predator Radar camera to be judged for their innovation, through a range of gold, silver and bronze awards.

Perfect for a wide range of electronic surveillance applications, Predator Radar scans 360 degrees twice every second to detect and track multiple objects simultaneously (with 400m of coverage) - providing a highly effective surveillance camera solution for wide area security monitoring and intruder detection.

The Security Innovation Awards 2018 independent panel of judges, consisting of 12 experts, under the leadership of a member of the Board of the Federal Association of Independent German Consultants and Engineers, will evaluate the final 13 submissions according to their innovation content, user benefits, economic viability and reliability.

‘We’re deeply honored to have been selected for the final round of these independent and prestigious awards,” says Mark Rees, Business Development Director at 360 Vision Technology. “From the outset, we instilled a strong emphasis on technical innovation and design for Predator Radar, to make it a viable solution to support effective security, safety and site management. The team at 360 Vision is excited and looking forward to the final awards ceremony.”

The official presentation of the Security Innovation Awards 2018 will be held at Security Essen on September 25, 2018.

Visitors to Security Essen can see 360 Vision Technology’s Predator Radar and range of analogue, digital and Thermal surveillance cameras in Hall 5, stand number 5E08.


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360 Vision Technology
Since its inception in 2002, 360 Vision Technology has built a solid reputation for the design and manufacture of a range of innovative and robust CCTV surveillance camera and control solutions as well as unique and patent pending static and PTZ LED illumination solutions in both infra red and white light options.

Built in the UK and supported by first class customer service, 360 Vision Technology’s analogue, HD IP, Thermal and Radar controlled surveillance cameras are designed to suit a broad range of general and harsh environment applications across many market sectors.

With an acknowledged reputation as a market leader in CCTV surveillance, 360 Vision Technology’s team of highly experienced software, electronic and mechanical engineers are consistently innovating and expanding its camera product range – to meet customers’ ever changing needs. Over the years, we have developed an extensive range of analogue, high definition, white light, infrared, cooled and uncooled thermal, polished stainless steel and radar controlled CCTV surveillance cameras, to meet or exceed any demand.

In addition, we are proud of our 3rd party partnerships with some of the world’s leading technology manufacturers. We proactively work with emerging technologies to enhance our products and their value add system benefits.