Congratulations to the security innovation award winners: Hutchinson GmbH, Novatec Sicherheit & Logistik GmbH, MASTER LOCK EUROPE SAS, VdS Schadenverhütung GmbH, DFBI Deutsche Gesellschaft für Fern- und Onlinebildung mbH, Bite AG, Fraunhofer IMS Duisburg und Multicomsystem, Minimax GmbH & Co. KG, Air Inspector GmbH.

Technology & Products Category

Gold: Hutchinson GmbH, Defense & Mobility, Germany

Product: Vehicle Light Protection Kit (VLPK)

The VLPK bridges the gap between unprotected and armoured emergency vehicles. Applications include police, special forces and fire departments. The VLPK is an optional, upgradable protection kit which provides protection for the emergency services in a whole range of uses, from violent demonstrations (e. g. Molotov cocktails and paving stones) to ballistic protection (e. g. against Kalashnikov AK47) for the special forces.

Silver: Novatec Sicherheit & Logistik GmbH, Germany

Product: PerimeterLocator™

PerimeterLocator™ Novatec / Ronyo is currently the only wireless monitoring system for fences, gates and property. It can even protect kilometre-long plants at a reasonable price. The certified system is based on RFID acceleration sensors. They register and log every movement. The analysis software detects wind influence, for example, and reduces the number of false alarms of the PerimeterLocator™ to almost zero.

Bronze: MASTER LOCK Europe S.A.S., France

Product: Bluetooth® Smart Connected Padlocks

Bluetooth® Smart Connected Padlocks by Master Lock provide a pleasant sense of security while at home or while out and about. The smartphone can secure property thanks to the app. Gone are the days of lost keys and forgotten combinations! Temporary access to your gate, locker or bike is only a digital invitation away to friends, family or the delivery service thanks to the free app Master Lock ® Vault eLocks.

Services Category

Gold: VdS Schadenverhütung GmbH, Germany

Product: VdS Cyber- Security – Fire protection for the 21st century

VdS has published a certifiable standard for information security, the first to be specifically geared to the needs of SMEs. The VdS 3473 standard combines the minimum requirements for organisation, together with the requirements for analysis, engineering, operations and prevention, whilst offering a robust level of protection. A free, web-based tool for self-assessment and a one-day quick audit are also offered.

Silver: Deutsche Gesellschaft für Fern- und Onlinebildung mbH, Germany

Product: Need-based distance learning

The DFBI has developed intuitive learning software which can be used on the PC and as an app. Users are specifically prepared for the examination at the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK). The implemented exam simulations take into account all conditions of the IHK examination regulations and are based on a needs-based random number generator. As a forward-looking component in the security industry, the educational software allows flexible learning with regard to time and location.

Bronze: Bite AG, Germany

Product: DISPONIC – Professional duty planning

Disponic enables timely communication by electronic means for optimal use of resources and effective management of security companies. From service planning schedules, deployment plans, time recording and logging in, to the gross payroll: Data is entered once and managed in one system. It can also be operated via Smartphone.

Fire Protection Category

Gold: Multicomsystem, Germany

Product: RFID Temperature transponder system TempTag

Cables and electrical equipment that get too hot can arise fires that cause lots of damage and personal injury. This can be prevented through permanent temperature monitoring of the cable and equipment. The newly developed RFID Temperatur Transponder “TempTag” adopts this function and alerts the responsible department when temperatures are exceeded, long before smoke starts to develop. The early warning system can be retrofitted.

Silver: Minimax GmbH & Co. KG, Germany

Product: Intergasdüse VN

With the nozzle VN, orifice plates are not an integral part of the product. Depending on the required extinguishing agent throughput, an appropriate orifice plate is used only during installation. As performance requirements change, only the orifice plate needs to be changed, not the entire nozzle. This makes the nozzle VN an extremely flexible and economical solution.

Bronze: Air Inspector GmbH, Germany

Product: AiR Inspector

The patented AiR Inspector is a multicopter, specially optimised for the inspection of fire detectors. It inspects fire detectors at any height, over stored goods and over production plants. Setup and clearance times are omitted due to faster inspection times. Staff and equipment can be saved thanks to the simplification of the inspection. In addition, the risk of accidents is minimised.