The Prize Winners Have Been Decided. The picture shows (f.l.t.r.): Moderator Rudi Cerne; Staatssekretär Dr. Günther Krings; Buzz Coates und Stefan Blohm (Unternehmen: Raytec, Kategorie Technik und Produkte, Gewinner Bronze); Bodo Müller und Jürgen Teschner (Unternehmen Job GmbH, Kategorie Brandschutz, Gewinner Gold); Tanja und Michael Hagelganz (Unternehmen Kevox, Kategorie Brandschutz, Gewinner Silber); Joachim Schütz und Ja-Eun Suh (Unternehmen Siemens AG, Kategorie Brandschutz, Gewinner Bronze); Stephan Sutor und Florian Matusek (Unternehmen Kiwi Security, Kategorie Technik und Produkte, Gewinner Silber); Matthias Schick und Thomas Vieze (Unternehmen it kompetenz, Kategorie Dienstleistung, Gewinner Silber); Daniela Kaiser, Michael Simon und Manuela Engel-Dahan (Unternehmen Lock your world, Kategorie Dienstleistung, Gewinner Gold); Jury-Vorsitzender Hermann Feuerlein; Essens Bürgermeister Rudolf Jelinek; Karlheinz Mankel, Walther Sälzer und Jutta Winter (Unternehmen Sälzer GmbH, Kategorie Technik und Produkte, Gewinner Gold); Juror Ulrich Bogdahn; Oliver P. Kuhrt, Geschäftsführer Messe Essen.

Technology & Products Category

Gold: Sälzer GmbH, Marburg, Germany

Product: Multifunctional Security Door Called Secufire®

The multifunctional security door called Secufire® constitutes the world's first and, as yet, only fully glazed tubular frame door which has an escape route function (anti-panic) and unites the inhibition of burglary and shooting-through as well as full fire protection suitability in itself - and this in an appealing optical design. Until now, at least two complete door structures had to be combined with each other in a complicated way if all these properties and functions were needed.

Silver: KiwiSecurity Software GmbH, Vienna, Austria

Product: KiwiVision Privacy Protector®

With the PrivacyProtector®, person-related image data in surveillance videos is automatically distorted in real time by pixelling faces or people. However, all the movements remain visible and the actions recognisable in this case. According to the jury's statement of reasons, PrivacyProtector® is the only known product which, to a particular extent, is suitable for safeguarding the personal rights of people in the detection ranges of video cameras. On the one hand, the public's trust in security measures can be promoted in this way. On the other hand, the targeted utilisation of Privacy Protector® can contribute to deterrents and damage prevention in endangered areas. Furthermore, PrivacyProtector® can even be integrated into already existing systems.

Bronze: Raytec Ltd., Ashington, Northumberland, Great Britain

Product: Vario IP PoE

The Vario IP PoE is the world's first and, as yet, only outdoor lighting which is oriented, in particular, to very precise night utilisation for video surveillance installations, works without its own 230 V electricity mains and considerably increases the fail-safe reliability of connected security systems. The system is extremely energy-saving and, because of the processor controller and the corresponding interfaces, offers the possibilities of remote and computer control. Moreover, the use of Vario IP PoE leads to further drastic cost reductions because there is no need for a 230 V electricity supply or thus for the entire electricity cabling either.

Services Category

Gold: Lock Your World GmbH & Co. KG, Bad Orb, Germany

Product: pyware anywhere

The Pylocx locking system which was already distinguished with the Bronze Security Essen Innovation Award in the Products category two years ago forms the basis for a comprehensive locking and authorisation concept without any physical connection to the utilisation location. Almost everything can be equipped with this flexible electronic admission and access protection - not only buildings, rooms, containers, tanks and cases but also vehicles or aeroplanes. One particular highlight is the allocation of one-off codes if an authorised person sends a request to a control room. Similar to the I Tan procedure in online banking, this code is calculated and allocated without any data connection between the control room and the locking system.

Silver: it kompetenz GmbH, Hamburg, Germany

Product: CashEDI unterwegs

CashEDI unterwegs permits the mobile provision of CashEDI deposit notices at Bundesbank ("Federal Bank") for money transport companies, directly from the vehicle by means of mobile data transmission. The utilisation of this product served to create a system which incorporates the newest, mobile scanner and printer technology, is independent of other IT modules and satisfies all the requirements of Bundesbank (this is confirmed by Bundesbank's certification). It is thus possible to transport the notified money directly to Bundesbank - without the previously necessary detour via a money processing centre. Therefore, costs are saved due to the shorter transport routes and thus to the elimination of travel and personnel costs, the loading and unloading expenses as well as the entire processing logistics. In addition to the cost advantage, shorter travel routes reduce the physical and psychological risks for the money transporters and, in particular, their employees.

Fire Protection Category

Gold: JOB GmbH, Ahrensburg, Germany

Product: E Bulb

E Bulb is a miniature extinguishing system which can be installed in any electrical appliance - no matter whether a computer, a television set or a tumble dryer. If the electronics of the appliance overheat or a fire starts, it is capable of releasing an extinguishing agent in the appliance and, at the same time, of interrupting the supply of any further electricity. To a particular extent, it is thus suitable for preventing fires caused by technical defects (which, after all, make up a substantial proportion of all fires) and for saving a considerable scope of human lives and tangible values.

Silver: KEVOX®, Bochum, Germany

Product: KEVOX®

KEVOX® is a comprehensive management system for preventive fire protection which is available in a mobile form on a tablet PC. Thus, people responsible for fire protection at companies and authorities can administer, document and communicate all the preventive fire protection tasks in a contemporary, simple, uncomplicated and legally assured way. In addition to clearly arranged component administration, it encompasses (amongst other items) the entire reporting system, all the fire protection regulations, the scheduling, the risk assessment, the photographic documentation and the maintenance management. With this system, all the tasks can be performed directly in situ during the inspections on foot. Processes (particularly the elimination of shortcomings and risks) can be accelerated considerably in this way.

Bronze: Siemens AG, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Product: FDA241 and FDA221 Intake Smoke Detectors

Due to a new and dual evaluation procedure, this new generation of intake smoke detectors is better at distinguishing between genuine smoke and misleading disturbance variables such as dust and steam. Thus, it is possible to achieve a minimal false alarm rate which is so low that Siemens is even giving a false alarm guarantee for this product. This guarantee also extends to the refunding of the costs of the fire service in the event of any false alarms which are triggered by this product. Consequently, the product is suitable for avoiding any erroneous deployments of the fire service and thus for conserving resources which are needed for genuine deployments and saving human lives.