From left to right: Dr. rer. nat. Ervin Kolenovic, Volker Laufs, Gerhard Gutmann, Dipl. Ing. Ulrich Bogdahn, Daniela Kaiser, Manuela Engel-Dahan, Markus Kuttruff, Heinz Neumann, Egon Galinnis, Antonio Tajani, Georg Pieper, Frank Thorwirth, Rudolf Jelinek, Ian Macalindin, Jürgen Hövelmann, Uwe Bartmann and Rudi Cerne.

Technology Category

Gold: Detection Technologies Ltd., Great Britain

Product: VibraSector Intrusion Point Location System

The technology of the VibraSector Intrusion Point Location System provides decisive monitoring for fence installations (even consisting of different fence types and materials) without any power loss as protection against any intrusion and sabotage or destruction. With a monitoring length interval of one kilometre, the detection system determines within as little as ten metres exactly the location where an alarm has been triggered. Thanks to precise location finding, fewer analysers are needed than in the case of comparable conventional products - this leads to substantial cost savings.

Silver: Syperion GmbH & Co. KG, Bremen

Product: ARGOS Video-Based Camera System

The ARGOS video-based system monitors a 360-degree panorama with the aid of high-resolution camera technology (including thermal image function) and a moving mirror. The rotating speed is 360 degrees per second. Sharp images are always combined into an all-round view whose details can be evaluated. This results in innovative motion detection which provides information about the direction and speed of the observed object (vector analysis). Thus, the evaluation work and the estimation of the situation are made more precise and the decision taking of the security staff is facilitated considerably. Furthermore, there are no false alarms leading to incorrect deployments.

Bronze: Lock-your-world, Bad Orb

Product: pylocx Locking System

The pylocx electronic locking system is supplied with power via a transponder. The technology can thus be operated independently of the electricity mains and even without any batteries. In addition, admission is gained by inputting a PIN based on a cryptic procedure. Therefore, security is not jeopardised if a key is lost. Moreover, the loss of a key remains without any material consequences since the pylocx electronic locking system does not make it necessary to replace the lock.

Fire Protection Category

Gold: EPS Vertriebs GmbH, Havixbeck

Product: PROTECTOR-ST-01 Monitoring and Alarm System

PROTECTOR-ST-01 is an intelligent monitoring and alarm system for fire extinguishers. In the event of danger, the installation which is connected with one or several smoke detectors by radio gives both optical and acoustic signals and indicates where functioning fire extinguishers are located. Furthermore, the system triggers an alarm in the case of any unauthorised removal or any misuse. On an LED display, the PROTECTOR-ST-01 provides information about the point in time of any due maintenance. The system makes it possible to integrate fire extinguishers into operative security concepts. It promises a notable lowering of the risks in the nurseries/schools sector, in local public passenger transport, in railway stations and airports, in hotels, hospitals, buildings for large-scale events and installations as well as in the industrial field.

Silver: ASSA Abloy Sicherheitstechnik GmbH, Albstadt

Product: Security Door Closer

The innovative door closer with integrated escape door bolting and quick-to-assemble rescue route bolting makes it possible to retrofit fire protection doors without any drilling, milling, filing or grinding. The integration does not exert any influence on the already existing fire protection classification and does not restrict the clear passage height of two metres. Therefore, no additional expenses are incurred.

Technology Special Prize

Equipment from Service Providers: Zweibrüder Optoelectronics GmbH & Co. KG, Solingen

Product: X7R LED torch with X-lens Technology

The X7R LED torch with X-lens technology with a microcontroller achieves a range of more than 300 metres as a search light beam due to a special double-lens technology with light bundling. As a circular, homogeneous illuminator, the torch which is 17 centimetres' long and weighs 240 grammes shines over a distance of approx. 45 metres. The light does not entail any danger to the eyes. The environmental compatibility is guaranteed by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and the charging is carried out via a wear-free magnetic contact as the connection to the charging station. This special torch is suitable, in particular, for deployment forces of the security service providers.

Mechanical Equipment: Invictus AG, Hüfingen

Product: tresoREX SecuTURN Self-Locking Cuff Screw

The tresoREX SecuTURN self-locking cuff screw makes it more difficult to change a locking cylinder or a lock without any authorisation. Only with an individual special tool can the screw be fastened and also loosened once again later on. This mechanical solution increases the security of locking installations and can be put to a wide variety of uses.