Hubert Jacobs van Merlen, Wolfgang Herber, Kai Pabélick, Prof. Rolf Stober, Christian Frinke, Lili Hammler, Andreas Exler, Lars Frahm, Renee Ooi, Stuart Cain, Roland Bely, Hans Gernot Illig, Nicole Huffer, Frank Thorwirth, Shuichi Tominga, Kenji Ajima, Günter Steinmann and Rudi Cerne.

Technology & Products Category

Gold: IEE (Contern / Luxembourg)

Product: Tailgate Detector

The "Tailgate Detector" works with modulated near-infrared light and detects individual people. It can cooperate with all common identification processes and thus makes a distinction between authorised and unauthorised people. Authorised people are smoothly granted free access. Unauthorised people are refused access by taking immediate blockade measures at turnstiles or doors and an alarm is triggered at the same time. Moreover, the system can follow any people who have intruded without authorisation. It is even recognised if any unauthorised person is smuggled in as a companion of an authorised person ("piggybacking"). Furthermore, this system can be used for the automatic detection of the number of people let through or leaving the security area - information which is important for survival in the event of a crisis.

Silver: Kowa Europe GmbH (Düsseldorf / Germany)

Product: P-Iris

This world innovation incorporates a new aperture control process for fixed cameras in outdoor areas. "P-Iris" (developed in combination with a stepper motor and synchronised turnstile technology) produces images with a far higher contrast than has been attainable until now. The higher resolution and the greater depth of field permit considerably better image evaluability in video surveillance. Especially for the employees (for example) in the operation control central, that entails far more precise evaluation and situation appraisal in situ.

Bronze: Morpho (Montrouge / France)

Product: Morpho Smart FINGER VP

The product unites two biological features in one finger ID process. One part of the process is the meanwhile "classical fingerprint" and the other is the utilisation of the veins of the same finger as an independent identification medium. The advantage is the substantially better precision with this process. There are considerably fewer incorrect rejections or incorrect acceptance cases. Moreover, the evaluation of both criteria makes the famous "hacked-off finger" worthless.

Fire Protection Category

Gold: N2telligence GmbH (Wismar / Germany)

Product: Quattro Generation

Quattro Generation makes use of the fact that fire goes out when the oxygen concentration in the air is 15 percent - or that there is no harmful or destructive spreading. The system works with a fuel cell operated with natural gas. Its main task is actually the energy supply in the form of electricity, heat and air conditioning refrigeration. However, Quattro Generation provides a highly efficient preventive fire protection process as an additional product at no further expense. As a result of targeted oxygen reduction, this process produces outgoing air with an oxygen concentration reduced to 15 percent. This outgoing air is guided into the rooms to be protected and thus ensures an enduring protective atmosphere. Although this oxygen value is not sufficient for permanent workplaces, it is (for example) for computing centres, cold stores or unmanned high-bay warehouses.

Silver: Project Fire Products Ltd (Staffordshire / Great Britain)

Product: Zonecheck

"Zonecheck" is a sprinkler monitoring system which already has all the necessary authorisations (also VdS) and manages without any water flowthrough during the compulsorily stipulated functional tests. All the switchings for the flow checks are tested using an IP-controlled checking system. This can happen from one point (e.g. a control centre) and is logged correspondingly for documentation purposes. Zonecheck thus saves 100 percent of the otherwise needed water in drinking water quality. Therefore, this solution also lowers the energy input which would be required for a conventional flow check.

Bronze: SimonsVoss Technologies AG (Unterföhring / Germany)

Product: Digital SmartHandle 3062

The product solves the problem of retrofitting fire protection doors with fittings without the risk of losing the original authorisation. The "SmartHandle" fittings system coming on to the market does without any boreholes and thus does not damage any fire protection doors. It includes an integrated reading module with an online admission control centre - suitable for on line and off line. The necessary communication is carried out by radio transmission. It can be used from the mechanical locking device to the electronic high-tech locking device. The assembly and the dismantling take place without any trace using the snap-in process.

Services & Marketing Category

Kötter GmbH & Co KG (Essen / Germany)

Product: Kötter Security ID Card with an Emergency Call Function

The company has developed an ID card holder with an emergency call function on a GSM basis in the format of a company identity card. This identity card is not only an emergency call signal transmitter. The emergency call centre can also listen into the happenings immediately when an alarm has been triggered. The incident can also be located straight away via GPS. Moreover, a kind of dead man's function is integrated into the ID card holder so that, in the event of a fall with an inability to move or unconsciousness, an alarm signal is immediately sent to the connected emergency call centre and life-preserving assistance measures can possibly be instigated.

Special Prize

Deutsche Universität für Weiterbildung (DUW- "Berlin University for Professional Studies"), (Berlin / Germany)

Product: Course of Study for Security Management and Enterprise Security

This special prize is awarded representatively for all institutions which are dedicated to the academic training of security managers. DUW offers the master's degree course of study for "Security Management and Enterprise Security" which is planned as a two-year vocational further education offer. The target groups for this master's degree course of study of a unique kind are those employees in the security industry from companies and public service who aspire to management positions. The particular characteristic of this master's degree course of study is the idea of mixing scientific fundamental knowledge and the transfer of expert and practical security knowledge also in terms of enterprise security.