Security Award Winners 2008: (from left to right) Bernd Hohlfeld, Stefan Schwab, Rudolf Weber, Klaus Reich, Mark Bloemendaal, Walter Elsner and Bernhard Haverkamp.

Technology & Products Category

Gold: KABA AG (Wetzikon/Switzerland)

Product: "TouchGo" RCID Identification Technology

The global innovation from the Swiss company opens doors, not as has been known until now, with a key but instead just by touching the door handle. This is made possible by the new RCID - Resistive Capacitive Identification technology which uses the natural electrostatics of the body. Microsignals are emitted to a recognition unit via a chip. The authorisation is given when the hand touches it. No interaction with a key or a transmitter is necessary. Other than in the case of biometric systems, the "TouchGo" transponder can be passed on for a short time and can be used, for example, by guests.

Silver: Observision BV (Heteren/Netherlands)

Product: Videominer

The Videominer, an orange box not much larger than a pile of magazines, evaluates video material quickly. Its technology is based on a new method which completely analyses all the image information from security and surveillance cameras and stores it in a database. It is possible to find literally all kinds of objects which may appear on the camera picture. An alarm is given as soon as the planned criteria coincide. Once the image information has been stored, additional search criteria can be input and evaluated. The so-called X-Tract processor of the Videominer makes it possible to evaluate the material up to 5,000 times more quickly.

Bronze: PCS Systemtechnik GmbH, Munich

Product: INTUS Palm Secure (Hand Vein Recognition)

Until now, there has been no satisfactory solution for the mechanical protection of the Palm Secure hand vein scanner from Fujitsu when it has been utilised as an admission control system in public areas. The IR LEDs in the sensor gave rise to interfering reflections from every glass cover. These reflections are avoided by the solution from PCS for which a patent application has been made. It allows the infrared hand vein scanner from Fujitsu to be used as an admission system for high-security applications. It was tested intensively by Fujitsu in Japan and, in the meantime, is recommended as a solution. The INTUS Palm Secure is comparable with iris recognition as far as the security level is concerned, is user-friendly, reliable and cost-favourable and can also be operated in combination with traditional RFID admission readers.

Fire Protection Special Prize

Gold: Siemens Building Technologies GmbH & Co. KG, Frankfurt

Product: Sinorix H2O Gas

With "Sinorix H2O Gas", the honour is going to an extinguishing agent which is harmless with regard to ecology and health and whose extinguishing effect is based on decreasing the oxygen content using nitrogen. In addition, an exactly calculated admixture of water also makes use of the cooling effect of the water. The water is uniformly distributed in the space in the form of a spray mist. The fine spraying technology ensures an only thin water film on surfaces and is therefore harmless, for example, for electronic devices. Any dangers to people are excluded by the lower N2 concentration compared with nitrogen gas extinguishing systems.

Security & Environment Special Prize

Haverkamp GmbH, Münster

Product: Solar Gard - The Energy Alarm Fence

Fence structures are frequently manufactured from pipes. Haverkamp joins the pipes in a pressure-tight form so that water or brine can flow through. If this structure is monitored by flow and pressure sensors, this results in a detection function which can precisely localise breakthrough attempts to  3 m. If a heat pump is connected in addition, this leads to the collection of energy which can be used for heating and water heating. The climb-over detection extends to a height of up to eight metres and the breakthrough detection with undermining detection down to a depth of as much as 1.5 metres. Due to the generation of renewable energy, the amortisation effect commences directly after it is used for the first time.

Secure Valuables Logistics Special Prize

ALVARA AG, Leipzig

Product: ALVARA Interactive Cash Control (ICC)

For the first time, the ALVARA ICC transaction platform is giving all the people involved the possibility of following and monitoring the entire cash path for supply and disposal between the till, the valuables service provider and the Bundesbank in a most precise way. An all-embracing approach which portrays the cash cycle in a secure and transparent form by electronic means. The ALVARA ICC platform is a web application which can be used by clients and can be hired as a service-providing application. The access is gained via the Internet so that there are no additional costs for hardware, software (e.g. database licences) and support (installation, updates, date back-up and availability monitoring). The fail-proof and highly scalable SONIC ESB integration platform from Progress Software GmbH is utilised as the central application server. The platform is provided by VÖB Service via the certified computing centre of VÖB-ZVD (Bank für Zahlungsverkehrsdienstleistungen).