security essen places its faith in six-pillar concept

security essen places its faith in six-pillar concept

So that manufacturers and users will come together quickly and in a perfectly matching way, Security Essen will place its faith in the proven six-pillar concept consisting of Fire Prevention, Cyber Security, Mechanical Security Systems, CCTV, Services and Perimeter Security in 2016, too.

Here, it will be possible to find not only the latest trends in the sector but also again new subjects which the people responsible for Security Essen will incorporate after intensive dialogue with the sector.

The world's leading fair will give more room to constructional fire prevention - from fire prevention concepts via escape route planning and equipment right up to extinguishing water installations. Additional live demonstrations on the entire fair site will offer totally new attention-grabbing presentation possibilities to the exhibition area.

In the IT Security area, the protection of critical infrastructures will be the focus of interest to an even greater extent. In times of Industry 4.0, companies are collecting, storing and evaluating ever greater data quantities. Secure big data management will thus be a top subject for Security Essen. Therefore, IT Security and Economic Protection will be two new categories of the Security Innovation Award with which Messe Essen honours outstanding innovations in the exhibition portfolio.

With regard to Mechanical Security Technology, the trend is increasingly heading towards complex system solutions with IT or electronic components. The top subjects at Security Essen 2016 will thus include integrated solutions for intruder protection. Intelligent video surveillance will be a central exhibition area in Electronic Security Technology, just like smart border solutions. These will relate not only to technical possibilities but also to correct data protection.

In the subject field of security services, the leading German associations, Bundesvereinigung Deutscher Geld- und Wertdienste e. V. (BDGW - "Federal Association of German Money and Valuables Services") and Bundesverband der Sicherheitswirtschaft (BDSW - "Federal Association of the Security Industry"), will once more be involved with large event areas. Since there is an ever greater need for solutions for the security of employees and corporate know-how abroad in the globalised world, the complex of subjects relating to global travel security will be extended in 2016.

The Outdoor Site Security exhibition area will concentrate to a greater extent not only on the protection of companies but also on the protection of high-security areas such as embassies or airports. In this respect, Security Essen will once more set standards for active and passive security systems.