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Video YouTubeTopic: Intelligent optical inspection and recognition technologies are critical in this world of increasing acts of terrorism. These technologies enhance the capability of optical based security systems by automatically identifying threats or changes in known behavior or appearance. Optical systems deploying artificial intelligence, augment the human operation of these systems by removing the human failings of short attention span, attention to minute detail and recognition of threats in an ever changing security environment.
Gatekeeper has developed a range of optical based technologies that deploy artificial intelligence. Their success is due to the embedded, highly advanced, machine vision algorithms coupled with the integration of computer learning capabilities. An under vehicle inspection system that can automatically recognize a reference image of a same or similar vehicle just by its undercarriage image and highlight any change, or a camera system that can see through heavy tinted glass, sun glare or at night and automatically identify its occupants when the human eye can see nothing are just two examples of the Gatekeeper Intelligent optical inspection and recognition systems.  
Since 2004 Gatekeeper has continued to develop and deploy its technologies to protect critical national infrastructure assets in 28 countries from the extreme cold of Northern Russia to the punishing heat of the Middle East.

About speaker: Christopher A. Millar is a founder, President and the Chief Executive Officer of Gatekeeper, Inc.  Mr. Millar has 30 years of professional experience that has taken him around the world. Before establishing Gatekeeper, Mr. Millar had significant exposure in the area of machine vision, as it applies to the defense and homeland security industries. Building on this experience and his international finance and investment knowledge, Mr. Millar built a team of outstanding professionals to design and develop an exceptional and unique series of intelligent optical inspection and recognition technologies. 
In developing Gatekeeper, Mr. Millar traveled extensively throughout numerous global security markets establishing a network of highly competent distributors in now 28 countries. Along with these efforts he has set up vital manufacturing operations, delivery and support mechanisms throughout North and Latin America, Middle East, Eurasia and Eastern Europe. Millar has overseen the establishment of Gatekeeper offices in the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Mexico and has been responsible for leading many of the company’s major market development initiatives.

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