Your stay in Essen

Metropolis in the heart of Europe

The city of Essen offers an exciting mix of cultural and recreational facilities to provide a perfect supporting programme for your visit to the fair.

The smoking chimneys of the past and the black soot falling like snowflakes on the white linen of the working-class districts have long since become history in the Ruhr district. Tourists are often surprised to see how green Essen and its surroundings have become.

Yet the city of Essen and the entire Ruhr district want to remember their roots. The signs of mining and other industries are still omnipresent, even if only as dilapidated monuments of closed-down collieries and furnaces. But precisely this rugged charm is the attribute which made the Ruhr district the Cultural Capital of Europe in 2010.

Romantic spots, sensational views, mystical places and idyllic greenery – combined with the hospitality, originality and warm-heartedness of Essen – invite you to visit the Ruhr metropolis.

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