Leisure time and wellness

Oases for recreation and nature walks

Water sports venues, parks or recreation programmes: magnificent destinations for outings in Essen make your visit an unforgettable experience and provide ideal opportunities for recreation after an eventful visit to the fair.

Lake Baldeney


Lake Baldeney is located in the southern part of Essen. The continuous, well-tended walking and bicycle tracks around the lake are about 14 kilometres long.

The lake is not only a popular destination for outings, but also a water sports paradise for yachtsmen, rowers and canoeists. Anyone who does not wish to engage in physical exercise can take a trip around the lake on one of the White Fleet boats.

One stop is below the legendary Villa Hügel, the former residence of the Krupp family. On the other side of the lake, there are a meeting point for motor bikers, a camping area and a yacht harbour.

A large bird sanctuary is located on the Heisingen bank of Lake Baldeney, including a protected wetland area which serves as a breeding territory for great crested grebes, cormorants, herons and other endangered species of birds.

The former outdoor swimming pool on the northern bank, now a Seaside Beach Club with a sandy beach, palm trees, lawns, beach volleyball fields, a surfing school and a cocktail bar, extends its invitation to visitors.



Straight from the fair into nature: the Grugapark

A waterfall gurgles through the rough mountain scenery, small waves ripple around the long, red legs of flamingos, and three cheeky pelicans waddle leisurely across the lush green of the lawns. The Gruga has been one of the most popular places for recreation since 1929 and is, with its 70 hectares, one of the largest and most beautiful urban parks in Germany. And best of all: Grugapark is located right next to the trade fair halls. After a tiring day, you can walk directly to the park for a little relaxation.

In addition to a great variety of theme gardens, a recreational area and cultural events, Gruga offers special enjoyment of art as well. Gruga is also a park of sculptures. These include remarkable works by artists such as Auguste Rodin, Henry Moore and Alfred Hrdlicka.

Kur vor Ort (park spa)


Benefit from the unique park spa programme which makes Grugapark a fitness oasis. Treat yourself to the numerous recreation facilities after an eventful day at the fair, have a good workout with sports or indulge in a luxurious break with a refreshing treatment.

The Kurhaus is located only a few steps from the exhibition halls, directly in Grugapark, Germany’s largest and most attractive urban park. The long opening hours on evenings, weekends and public holidays give working people a chance, too, to benefit from the fitness and recreation programmes without having to take a holiday or leave for an extended cure.

Vitalizing, health care and fitness packages are an integral part of the programme. Pay a visit to the Grugapark thermae. There you can take a sauna, relax in a bath of brine or take an active part in aqua gymnastics. The sauna garden invites you to stay for a while. Or you can attend one of the numerous preventive healthcare or sports courses offered by “Kur vor Ort”.

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